NEWS Cinemartin releases Hoid, a H.265 & Prores & mxf & avchd (mts) video player for Android Video player for Android 's 
NEWS Cinemartin release Plin Plugin 1.2, a plugin for export to ProRes on Adobe Premiere CS5.5, CS6.0 and Premiere Pro CC 

Download MyBD STD. now for free !

Cinemartin MyBD STD allows you to convert your bluray disc to world smallest size videos in to several codec/presets including H.265.
There's no limitation on STD version, altough Pro version allows you to convert the Blurays in much faster time and even at smaller size..

Leading Blu-ray video conversions with featured H.265
All your BD movies into a Pendrive

A new leading all in one software for convert your Blu-rays movies to videos in latest and portable formats, its here, including HEVC H265.
Backup, Rip, Decrypt and Convert your Blurays, even the protected ones, to the best videos at high quality with the smallest possible size,
Just believe us, try the demo, you'll get your BD (Bluray Disc's) at the minimum size (world smallest) for play and watch on/from your Computer (PC & Mac), your USB or Pendrive, even your Tablet and Smartphone. This is only possible with a HEVC H.265 Bluray video converter and a all-in-one capable software.

Brought to you by Cinemartin, the team that were produced the first H265 video converter, and several other tools and devices for cinematographers and the filmmaking community. Check out our other tools at home web.

Available Now.

Rip / Extract / Convert your Blurays at 2% of its size


MyBD is a software to convert Blurays to a 2% of its size with same resolution and almost same quality. Say to backup Blu-ray disc movies & videos into World's latest High quality / smallest video size codec, producing files in the HEVC H.265 format both in MKV and MP4 containers, resulting in files of 2% or less of original BD size's
Cinemartin MyBD includes a sofisticated decryptor that will unlock almost any Blu-ray disc protection (including cinavia, aacs, etc..). 
MyBD decrypt cinavia and other Blu-ray encrption crypto-mechanism
 MyBD is a blu-ray converter for backup your bluray movies
MyBD, featuring h265 in MKV or MP4 extension container, allows to put between 128 and 200 movies in a 64GB pendrive available on todays market per 15-20$€. Backup your own movies and take them to anywhere as you'll be able to see on your PC or MAC, on your tablet and smartphone.

Rip protected blu-rays disc to the latest high tech codecs

Currently there are few software out there that includes a decryption / unlock mechanism to be able for you to backup your blu-rays, protected or not. You will be able to using MyBD, as it is free !

HEVC H.265 MyBD supports and encode to last acclaimed 4K codec, the High Efficiency Video Compression codec, know as H.265 (featured in our popular Cinec videoH.265 is the codec of the future, we have advanced to that time, and rolling a way back machine back to now, by giving to users an affordable and easy hevc video converter.

MyBD can convert your blu-rays to H264 and to H.265 in MKV or MP4 containers.

Scale your Bluray to 720 or SD for 100MB Brightness Movies

 Supporting almost all resolutons up to 1920x1080

SD - 720P - 1080P

MyBD features a video scaler that allows you to resize your videos.
Apply your desired resolution from PAL or NTSC SD videos to 720P.
Using the video scaler you will get your videos in a more smaller size.

The fastest H265 converter, time saving, and easy tool

All in-one-tool

 MyBD is one of the few software available for converting disc that includes all the tools need to do the job.

MyBD is not only a ripper, coppier, converter, it is also a decrypter. So, just insert or load your movie, documental or musical video, run MyBD and press the Convert button, the software will process all for you, the copying, un-encrypting, ripping and convert funcions.

See the results yourself On the right is a screenshoot, but you can download now the STD version of MyBD which is free.

Go to Download to get your free copy or Buy the premium one


 You can set MyBD to use one or more Core CPUs - threads of your computer to speed up the time necesary to encode videos.
Google VP9 video converter, VP9 video encoder
All at your convenience, so if you have a dedicated workstation and need to get the job done for a customer as soon as possible, simply set the CPU Cores value to the maximum number. If you're in home watching youtube / vimeo or doing some other things, then set to 1 or 2 cores.

Did you bought a Intel Haswell CPU ?
MyBD, inherits the features of Cinec v4.0 and supports mmx, avs and sse among other CPU multimedia resources, so its your perfect companion for Intel Haswell (Z87-Z97), Intel Haswell E (X99 - 2011-3) and Intel Haswell EP (C610 - 2011-3), as well as latest AMD FX series.


Once you load the app, you'll see 5 steps rows at left, you simply select the drive unit (optical or virtual) and, after a fast scan, you'll get the first 3 steps completed, you only need to select the destination file and press convert, voaila , as MyBD remember you last settings such as
  • Quality
  • Resolution
  • Movie Language
  • etc ..
So after the 1st backup satisfied, youll get your backups in as easy as 3 steps, choose the drive unit, choose a output filename, and press the convert button.




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