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Backup almost any Blu-ray protected or not

MyBD includes a powerfull decryptor / unlocker supporting AACS and Cinavia
Today there a few utilities capable of backup your blu-rays, mostly as they do not come with a decrypter or a feature capable of decrypt bypass the blu-ray protection found of most disc, including commercial movies, etc . This means that you need to install third party software, download, setup, configure, resolve some conflicts you may find, etc .. This do not happens with MyBD.

Currenlty there are only 3-5 software that remove BD protection, being all-in-one suppporting decryption only 3, but all-in-one and free only one, MyBD, and it is the only one that converts also to h265 for free.

Automatically title selection, 3 default presets and more

Simply insert your Blu-ray, open MyBD, select the Drive and you'll see how automatically MyBD select the title that corrspond to the movie itself.

However you can tell to MyBD what titles / chapters / scenes you want to export. This is util for example if you want to test the quality ot the presets / codecs (H264 MKV & H265 MKV OR MP4) to spend a few minutes to see the incredible results produced by MyBD when paired with outputs in hevc h.265.

Fine tunning the quality and the output size

With MyBD (only on Pro) you can tune the quality by adjusting a dial for more or less quality.

As show on above screenshot, MyBD also allows to scale the video to say 1280x720 (HD-Ready 720p), to SD like Pal at 720x576 or NTSC at 640x480 or even your custom res like anamorphic, 2.31, etc ..

CUDA Acceleration 

MyBD supports CUDA acceleration and also takes profit of latest ATI cards with Open CL.
Simply check yourself, savings up to a 70% of faster conversion times.


Requeriments : Only a 'normal' computer with Windows

A great point of Cinemartin software is that it does not require a High Performance Computer (well it is great to have an HPC, you'll save more time but it is not required).

It runs or normal computers with all Windows versions from XP in both 32 & 64 bits environments. Normal on these days are a dual Intel or AMD cpu's based PC.

Did you see any encoder running on a labtop ?, Cinemartin yes, it runs even on Windows 8.1 tablets like the Surface
Cinec is compatible with Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. On desktop computers, labtop and tablets.

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