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How it works

How to convert your blu-ray discs ?  How to backup your own movies to be ready to put on a pendrive ? to be ready to plug anywhere: on the car, on the train, in your tablet, on the computer of a friend, etc .. Watch this basic video about how it works.

VIDEO SOON AVAILABLE , just see below how easy

Built to be intuitive, easy & powerful

You'll notice that no manual or instructions are need to know how to operate the software, this is because the app its simple and has been developed with that in mind, but here are the basic steps for some of the possibilities:
Just convert a movie to H265
  • Load the blu-ray disc
  • Start MyBD and select the current drive
  • Press "Convert"


Here it comes the Magic of the software, you can get your movies in Full HD and almost same quality at only 500MB, or you can down the resolution mantaining the quality for videos to be played on tablet, labtops and smartphones, 100 or 200MB a movie ? yes it is possible, tunning only 2 factors; Quality and Resolution

  • Load the blu-ray disc
  • Select a medium size title (see how here at top right) to help you saving time for tuning your best settings
  • Dial the knob for a quality adjustment. 100 it is no woth (too much size with indistinguible quality compared to say90) so it is reccommended say 65 - 85
  • Optional click on change resolution and set your desired res., For tablets 1280x720 is god, for smartphone choose a SD resolution like 720x576 or 640x480
  • Press "Convert"
Convert a clip or a series of clips only, of a Blu-ray

  • Load the bluray disc
  • Select the title or titles you want to backup / convert
    • If your objective is to reduce the size of the clips see Tuning
  • Press "Convert"

Choose the idiom / language

Simly, just select the language you want to get with your movie and that's all, you'll get your video with the language you selected.

Choose the output codec

Select between H264 and H265 recommended and between *.mkv and *.mp4 (recommended)  video extension containers 

Save your time is on our mind


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